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3 ways open data is revolutionizing product development

Regardless of industry, people in the business of product development can agree: information gap can be a roadblock to introducing solutions that professionals and consumers across the board are clamoring for. Open source data can not only answer the “what” and “why,” but also the “how.” This is where product teams can finally connect the dots between gaps in the market and technologies that can solve for them.

Five ways open data can boost democracy around the world

In political speeches and recent reports there has been a significant focus on the potential of open data for economic growth and public sector efficiency. But open data isn’t just all about silicon roundabouts and armchair auditors. Here are five reasons why open data matters for social justice and democratic accountability: Fairer taxes, Protecting the public purse, Controlling corporate lobbyists, Fighting pollution, Holding politicians to account.

KLAUS IOHANNIS, message at the Open Data Day Conference 2015

Romania’s President Klaus Johannis sent on Friday a message at the Open Data Day Conference 2015. He states that "the Romanian state and the government - both at central and local level - need a substantial opening towards citizens and the Open Government Partnership is the tool that should meet the current needs and raise Romania to the standards of modernization and technological development of the world".

Exploring the Open Data Barometer - the challenges ahead

Over the last two years the World Wide Web Foundation’s Open Data Barometer has surveyed the open data landscape in over 75 countries, building up a picture of progress, and pitfalls, on the road to ‘open by default’. The latest edition of the Barometer, launched in January 2015, shows a growing data divide. But it also points to areas where open data is having impact, and highlights factors that appear to contribute to greater political, economic and social outcomes from open data initiatives.

Singapore working on having more ‘open data architecture’

Singapore works towards having a more ‘open data architecture’ — this means more data will be available and verifiable to the Government, private sector and individuals. This could be beneficial for society as a whole Dr Vivian Balakrishnan, Minister-in-Charge of the Smart Nation Programme Office said at the Roundtable of Thought Leaders on Innovation in Cities meeting.

Britain leads the way as Ordnance Survey helps to drive economic growth and digital innovation through open data

To coincide with International Open Data Day, when countries across the globe will show their support for open data policies, Ordnance Survey (OS) announce plans to launch a world-leading digital map as open data and the creation of an engagement hub in London.