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Echipa a încurajat utilizarea ‪‎Datelor Guvernamentale Deschise‬ în dezvoltarea aplicațiilor

Pe 19 iulie s-a încheiat primul hackathon de jurnalism civic din republica Moldova "Puterea a Cincea", care a avut loc în parteneriat cu Centrul de Guvernare Electronică. În cadrul evenimentului zeci de tineri au elaborat programe, aplicații web sau mobile (precum și alte instrumente IT inovatoare), menite să îmbunătățească interacțiunea dintre presă și public.


Who's getting it done on open data?

While open data efforts are lauded by government officials, a recent study discovered that most Americans are unaware or underwhelmed. Across all levels -- federal, state and local -- respondents were divided on how well they thought government shares data, with about 80 percent expressing lukewarm opinions of "somewhat effectively" and "not very effectively.

Ontario Releases Open Data Directive for Public Feedback

As part of its Open Government initiative, Ontario is the first province to post a draft Open Data Directive for public feedback. Ontario's Open Data Directive aims to make data that the government collects and generates on topics, like school enrollment and traffic volume on provincial highways, open to the public. Public uses for this data could include building maps, apps and models that can help Ontario tackle gridlock or make health care service options more accessible.


3 Cities Using Open Data in Creative Ways to Solve Problems

Bloomberg Philanthropies has launched a $42 million initiative to help cities use open data better. The What Works Cities initiative partners with the Harvard Kennedy School, Johns Hopkins University, Results for America, and the Sunlight Foundation, to provide technical training to 100 mid-sized cities (with population between 100,000 to 1,000,000) chosen from the ones that apply.


UNESCO publishes open data portal

UNESCO has launched a new interactive open data portal, with interactive tracking of projects across the globe and a breakdown of its total budget. The portal features a large interactive map with all of its global projects, and provides budgetary information on all projects. It also shows data according to region, sector or specific theme, with donor information, project status and in-depth project reports provided. The portal is part an increasing trend in aid agencies to publish interactive sites that display all financial information and allow for greater transparency in their work.

Where open data meets open government...

Technology is the easy part of building an open society. Deal with the human side of the problem is much tougher. Social enterprise expert Kate Beecroft moderated a panel at Open Source Open Society looking at how open data can lead to a more open style of government.