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Commission encourages re-use of public sector data

The European Commission is publishing guidelines to help Member States benefit from the revised Directive on the re-use of public sector information (PSI Directive). These guidelines explain for example how to give access to weather data, traffic data, property asset data and maps. Open data can be used as the basis for innovative value-added services and products, such as mobile apps, which encourage investment in data-driven sectors

EU tenders for Open Data platform

The European Commission has launched a formal tender for SMART 2014/1072 - Deployment of an EU Open Data core platform: implementation of the pan-European Open Data Portal and related services. This promises to be the world’s biggest open data project to data, eclipsing the UK Data.Gov.UK and the US Data.Gov which currently deliver approximately 15,000 and 111,000 data sets respectively.

Open data access a work in progress

In April, a Korean local company that manufactures a navigation app asked the Government for data on street signposts across the country. But the agencies holding the information refused the request, saying there was no precedent of providing such public information to a private entity. The company turned to the state-run Open Data Mediation Committee. Under the committee’s mediation, related government agencies had several rounds of negotiations and agreed to provide the data to the company. “Awareness is growing that you can get help from the committee related to the public data provision,” says an official of the committee. “More private companies are showing interest in receiving our help.”

What Australia’s open data drive means for us

Australia has had an open data policy since 2010, but most recently has been updated by the Australian government to enable automated sharing of open data between agencies. The Australian government has been pushing to open up information to seek economic value out of it and promote more transparency.

City of Surrey launching massive open data program

The City of Surrey is set to launch its open data initiative later this year and with more than 300 sets of information, it's said it will be largest municipal catalogue in Canada. From online crime reporting to council expenses to statistics on water levels, the type of information will widely vary.

Open data not trusted by officials – study

Officials’ worries about the integrity of data are a barrier to machine-readable data in open data initiatives becoming available, according a study the World Wide Web Foundation (WWWF). The study, entitled “Exploring the Emerging Impacts of Open Data in Developing Countries”, makes use of 17 case studies spanning 13 countries around the world and serves to provide insight into the state of open data initiatives in the developing world.

Cities must step up and publish their data, says World Wide Web Foundation

Regional and local governments must follow central government efforts to open up data, says a report released this week by the World Wide Web Foundation. Definitions of open data should be flexible to encourage countries to take small steps towards openness, it adds.