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Socrata Launches Open Data TV (ODTV)

Socrata, the world leader in cloud solutions for open data and data-driven government, today announced the launch of Open Data TV (ODTV), an innovative video network showcasing the valuable work and remarkable people driving the global revolution toward data-driven government, which is already taking hold in cities, townships, counties, provinces, states and countries around the world.

Open Data, Collaboration and Coalescence

With government and private industry fundamentally different, why should both sectors take the same approach to open data? Runge, a member of the board of directors at Socrata, hopes to automate the data process for government. "The digital government environment today is really being defined by the Web and the interface that governments are trying to use to create an experience for constituents", Bob Runge said.

Berlin's 3D city model is available as open data

Berlin plays a leading role throughout Europe in the digital economy, and as of today a 3D city model of the German capital is available to the public as Open Data. Until now Internet users have had the opportunity to explore the city of Berlin online by using the Business Location Center's realistic model from Berlin Partner for Business and Technology - now they can also use the data. Regardless of whether for scientists, game developers, city planners, architects or graphic designers, the large-scale model of Berlin is available as a free download.

Smart cities and IoT startups need open data to thrive

Open data is changing society and will fuel smart cities and Internet of Things (IoT) startups, the Open Data Institute's (ODI) chief executive has declared. Speaking at Cloud Expo 2015, Gavin Starks outlined the importance of open data in a world where digital information is increasingly flowing from multiple devices and sources. "Open data is not just changing our business, it's reflecting a fundamental shift in culture to an open society," he said. "These are fundamental shifts in how we are behaving, not just in technology."

Montreal planning to change rules to release open data

Montreal is looking to change the rules and regulations in order to release more of the city's data, says the vice-president of Montreal’s executive committee. Harout Chitilian says releasing data is a priority for the city, as outlined in the $23 million dollar "Smart City" plan — and says it's planning on "removing all roadblocks" to make that happen.