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Open data – more obstacles or opportunities?

Last Thursday, Digital Science organized their first Spotlight event, held at their offices in central London. The topic: 'Open data for researchers - the obstacles and the opportunities' attracted a varied crowd of scientists, journal editors and tech gurus who gathered to discuss what open data means practically for researchers and publishers.

We can use open data to make smart cities “searchable”

As urbanisation has been growing, distances have also been increasing between people. Communication systems have found ways to link people who are geographically distant; but they still have to catch up with the problem of how exactly to recreate the relationship between people and the environment, at a time when both are constantly changing.

Open source tools for big data: How Hadoop could transform your job and your business

Techworld analyses the business case and the skills you need in your workforce to get you going on the open source big data framework favoured by startups.