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Open data: how mobile phones saved bananas from bacterial wilt in Uganda

As disease threatened crops across the country, an initiative from the government and Unicef was able to communicate fast to stop it - demonstrating how open data can transform development.

New report reveals how open data is improving citizen engagement in Nigeria

A white paper from the Open Data Institute, exploring how world leaders can use and promote open data to tackle global challenges post-2015, has been launched: ‘Supporting sustainable development with open data’. The report draws on 12 examples from around the world. One of these looks at how open data has enabled improved citizen engagement in Nigeria.

Open Data App Visualizes U.S. Budget for 2016

What’s the best way to decipher the nation’s $4 trillion budget? For the open data company Socrata, it’s through a new app that takes the president’s 2016 U.S. budget and plots it into interactive graphs and charts for citizens.

Exploring California's 12,000 Parks With Open Data

A just-launched app uses Instagram and Twitter to show younger users that their friends are already out at state parks, having a blast. California’s extensive state park system is a guarantee that all the state’s citizens, not just the moneyed elite, will have access in perpetuity to the state’s embarrassment of natural riches—mountains, beaches, deserts, forests, you name it.

Full Spectrum Open Data

Transparency and open government advocates have been successful in convincing governments around the world to share some of their data with society at large. But there is plenty of important civic information that isn't collected or maintained by governments. We need to supplement open government data with data from others to give nonprofits, governments, and researchers a more holistic understanding of reality.