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Open data partnership between city and county of Durham, NC

The City of Durham and Durham County governments in North Carolina are embarking on an open data partnership that will lay the groundwork for businesses, non-profits, journalists, universities, and residents to access and use the wealth of public data available between the two government organizations, while becoming even more transparent to the residents of Durham.

Businesses dig for treasure in open data

During an open innovation day hosted by the Science and Technologies Facilities Council (STFC), open data services and technology firm Democrata proposed analytics could predict the likelihood of unearthing an archaeological find in any given location. This would help developers understand the likely risks to construction and would assist archaeologists in targeting digs more accurately.

Does Open Data Demand an API-first Approach?

Government open data initiatives are flourishing, but are they at risk of falling short of their potential without an API-first approach? According to Jason Hare, Program Manager of the Open Data Project for the City of Raleigh, the answer might be yes.

The White House Strategy To Improve Disaster Resilience: Leveraging Open Data

The White House Office of Science and Technology Police, unveiled the first in a series of Innovator Challenges, asking the disaster preparedness community: “How might we leverage real-time sensors, open data, social media, and other tools to help reduce the number of fatalities from flooding?” The Challenge is part of a broader initiative, whose main outcome was the launch of, a portal designed to aggregate open data, tools and other disaster-related resources that were previously scattered on the Internet.

The state of open data

Other than some successful initiatives in the UK, open data is facing challenges around the world. There continue to be numerous challenges and impediments in seeing any vision of open data come to fruition. Many are technical in nature, but there are a number of cultural ones.

New open data website sheds light on state government in Utah

In an effort to be more transparent, the state government recently unveiled a new online catalog. Users can now visit opendata.Utah.Gov to view data provided by every agency in the state, and the website is the product of a bill passed by the Utah Legislature last year.