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Ottawa announces second action plan on open data

The government will issue a new order exhorting federal bureaucrats to maximize their efforts to release eligible government data to the public for creating apps. If approved it would create a national marketplace for commercializing open data.

GE opens its Big Data platform

Thomas Edison would be proud. General Electric, the company he started, still knows how to make a buck off cutting-edge technology. In this case, the technology is in the so-called Internet of Things, in which sensors feed data to central repositories, which can analyse and manage enormous amounts of data from the machines. Initial uses include more efficient maintenance, remote monitoring, asset tracking and spotting new patterns of behaviour that might be profitably exploited.

Open Data Beyond the Big City

Open data is the future — of how we govern, of how public services are delivered, of how governments engage with those that they serve. And right now, it is unevenly distributed. Data standards can provide a number of benefits to small and midsized municipal governments and could provide a powerful incentive for these governments to adopt open data.

The Future Of Marketing Combines Big Data With Human Intuition

Great marketers have great guts. Yet big data and technology are clearly revolutionizing marketing. Marketing technology does not mitigate the need for marketing guts, but it can help us tell the difference between an inspired idea and a bad lunch.

IBM and Wharton Launch New Big Data Educational Program for CMOs

As brands seek to better use the bounty of data they have about their customers, they are under pressure to shore up their analytical skills to know how to effectively reach a consumer across different devices. To help chief marketing officers navigate the explosion of data available, IBM and the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School are launching a new executive education program focused on big data and analytics for marketing executives.

What you missed in Big Data: at the intersection of machine data and visualization

Splunk Enterprise 6.2 compresses the complicated and time-consuming process of preparing information for analysis into a few straightforward steps in a pre-configured wizard. Once everything has been properly ingested, users can start digging into their data using the new dashboarding capabilities, which are meant to save everyday business analysts the hassle of familiarizing themselves with the Splunk Processing Language.