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Germany Releases Open Data Action Plan

The German government unveiled its open data action plan to implement the open data charter established by the G8, now G7, countries. The charter, released in June 2013, calls for government data to be open by default in consideration of privacy restrictions, places an emphasis on both open data quantity and quality, calls for the data to be available in as many formats as possible and urges governments to release data with the goal of encouraging more responsible governing and innovation.

How open data restored citizen trust in Indonesian election

When both presidential candidates claimed to have won the July election, Indonesian citizens got together online and used open data to verify the votes.

Opinion: Open Data Challenge - Making life easier for tenants

The Housing Open Data Challenge is a competition that asked teams and individuals to come up with new ways of using open data – that which is publicly available – to help make life better for renters. After an initial application stage and intense weekend of coaching, social impact analysis and data-delving, three finalists were shortlisted to tackle tenant issues. The winning team will be awarded £40,000 to help bring their innovation to market.

Houston Passes Open Data Policy

Earlier this year Houston, Texas, launched the Performance Improvement Portal, a hub for all of the city’s performance and open data resources. Through the Performance Insight report and the Performance Improvement Portal, citizens are now able to see how the city measures its own performance, and participate in civic innovation projects.

White House releases new open government initiatives

President Barack Obama Wednesday reaffirmed the U.S. commitment to the Open Government Partnership and announced several new open government initiatives in various agencies and departments during an event held at the United Nations.