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How to calculate open data's ROI

The White House’s 2013 mandate to open data has spurred many US agencies to act, but just opening data to meet requirements doesn’t mean the data will be useful. To help agency IT managers decide what datasets are worth opening, a new formula offers an entrée to the thought process

Open data and the horizon of the next government

On the first official day of the general election campaign, it is opportune to pose the question of what the future of open data might be. The good news is the future of the movement to open up government and private sector data to benefit the common good and create opportunities for the launch of new businesses would seem to be bright, in the UK.

Panel: Open Data, Open Access, And Open Education – Key To Open Innovation?

Intellectual property stimulates creativity but at the same time holds back innovation, speakers said at a recent event on open innovation and alternative business models. The roundtable looked a range of models, such as open source and open data, and their advantages, to “all rights reserved” protection.

How open data can help you to choose a place to live

Suppose you were going to move to a new city with which you weren’t very familiar. What factors would you consider when choosing a neighborhood, street or address as your new home? Obvious things like housing prices, crime rates, and proximity to schools and public transportation would play into your decision. But what about other things that could affect your quality of life, such as the location of day care, doctors, and supermarkets? A newly launched website called PlaceILive is making use of open data to provide a wealth of information on the livability of potential places to live, right down to the actual addresses you may be considering.

City of Grand Island Launches OpenData Portal

A new application is making it easier for people in Grand Island to have access and transparency in city government. The application lets people view easy-to-understand charts and graphs on the government's spending and financial information. Before the application, residents had to wade through hundreds of pages of scanned documents to view that information.

It’s Time for Open Data in Insurance

The National Association of Police Organizations is a non-profit group that represents and serves police officers, police unions and local police associations. The National Association of Insurance Commissioners is a non-profit group that represents and serves insurance regulators from the 50 states, the District of Columbia and five U.S. territories. Both are private organizations, although their memberships consist of public employees.