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The winners of the first Open Data Hackathon Applications Brussels

The winners of the first ever Open Data Hackathon organized in Brussels were named Saturday, after 36 hours of development.

White House Launches More Open Data Initiatives

The Obama administration has launched a series of open data initiatives to make information across a variety of areas such as health, energy, climate, and public safety more accessible to federal agencies and citizens. These projects are an outgrowth of the administration's ongoing Open Government Initiative, which is using open data standards to make the vast amounts of government data more accessible.

The Role Of Open Data In Choosing Neighborhood

London is a neat evidence of how transparency in providing data is basic in order to succeed as a Smart City. The GLA’s London Datastore, for instance, is a public platform of datasets revealing updated figures on the main services offered by the town. The importance of dispensing free information can be also proved by the integration of maps, which constitute an efficient means of geolocation.

Case study: Open data in the governance of South African higher education

The availability and accessibility of open data has the potential to increase transparency and accountability and, in turn, the potential to improve the governance of universities as public institutions. The Centre for Higher Education Transformation (CHET) has developed an online, open data platform providing institutional-level data on South African higher education.

Taking Open Data to the next level to deliver solutions for inclusive rural growth

“It is not data [that] makes you powerful; it is how you use it. That is exactly what our government has set out to do…data empowers not only the holder of it, but also the people who receive it and are empowered by using it.” – Minister KT Rama Rao