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Moldova presents its experience in opening data at the Open Data Leaders’ Network Conference

During 16th - 20th February 2015, Moldova participates at the Open Data Leaders’ Network Conference, presenting the country’s experience in the process of opening data and promoting governance transparency.

Open Data Leaders Network is a network of globally connected champions driving forward the Open Data agenda together. In order to kickstart the establishment of this network the Open Data Institute (ODI) has organized a week-long event in the UK, aiming to provide open data experts with maximum exposure to global open data activities, lessons learnt, emerging trends and future directions.

The Open Data Leaders’ Network is bringing together leading open data policy innovators, working in governments across the world to create a peer network that aims to share knowledge, discuss common challenges and spread best practice. The aim of this week is to connect leaders from each country with each other and receive guidance from open data experts. Moldova is represented at the Conference by Livia Turcanu, Product platform consultant at the eGovernment Centre.

Along with participants from six other countries around the world (Chile, Macedonia, Mexico, Morocco, Malaysia, UK), Livia Turcanu will present the main aspects regarding opening up data in Moldova, focusing on three main areas: the history of open data in our country (key dates, events and breakthroughs), current challenges and strategies to overcome them and the future of open data in Moldova.