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The Ministry of Finance updated the BOOST database

BOOST, the database on public spending, was updated with data provided by the Ministry of Finance for 2013. The information from BOOST application can be filtered by many criteria, like years, sections on economic categories. The application can be found here.

The system provides free access to information about the financial situation of the national public budget, making the necessary information about directing public money available to the society. BOOST is an important tool for improving the quality of the tests carried out by civil society in the formulation of policy recommendations for the government. Moreover, it opens wide opportunities for new initiatives for accountability of the budget process in Moldova.

The purpose of the BOOST project (initiated by the World Bank in early 2012) is to increase the transparency and efficiency of the public spending across the world by improving access to government spending data and linking the costs to relevant results. In Moldova, BOOST database on government spending was initiated at the request of the Ministry of Finance based on the Treasury data provided to World Bank by Fintehinform. Republic of Moldova is the first country to make public the data regarding public spending in the BOOST system of the World Bank.