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Methodological guidelines for publishing public government data

In order to improve the quality, shape and structure of the data available on portal, the e-Government Center has developed the methodological guidelines for publishing public government data.

This methodology defines the processes for identifying, publishing and updating the open data on the portal, as well as the technological aspects. The same publishing principles can be also applied for publishing public information on the public authorities’ websites.

Because this document sets the terms and conditions for publishing public information, this being a responsibility for all central public administration authorities, the Methodological Guidelines will not result in additional charges. Moreover, central public administration authorities have already designated the persons responsible for reusing the public information and for publishing open data on the portal and on their websites.

The State Chancellery launched in 2011 the government portal for open data, , in order to give citizens access to more government data, owned by the public administration. They publish and update the datasets on the portal, which contains over 700 datasets and over 3,000 resources.