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The concept on Open Government Data

The Government launched a public consultation on the draft regarding “The concept on the Open Data principles”. This project defines and establishes the principles of open data, making a connection to the international legal framework and also to the best practices in this field, thus allowing Republic of Moldova to advance in the process of opening access to public information for citizens.

The Parliament of the Republic of Moldova connected the open data legislation to the EU legislation by adopting the Law on the reuse of public sector information, no. 305 of 26.12.2012 and later the Government approved the Government Decision no. 886 of 11.08.2013 concerning the Methodological Norms for applying Law no. 305 of December 26, 2012, regarding the reuse of public sector information. As a result, citizens will have access to a greater volume of public documents, that they will be able to reuse under the Terms of access and reuse of public sector information.

Open government data have the potential to change and improve the way government and central and local authorities work, to inform and educate citizens and to improve the provision and delivery of public services. More than that, the open data can generate a significant economic value, also by combining and reusing information, they can generate innovation in the business environment, in the education and research field, as well as in many other areas.

The Government of the Republic of Moldova has joined the global open data initiative in April 2011, launching the open government data portal, This initiative was launched in several states, many of which have made commitments related to open data inside the Open Government Partnership. Under this partnership, the Government of the Republic of Moldova was invited to join the Open Data Charter, which was signed by the G8 countries. The Government of the Republic of Moldova, has postponed its adhesion, at that time, waiting for the adoption of a relevant legislation framework, a situation that has improved in the next coming years and the present project proves this.